Eleceed Chapter 249 release date

Eleceed Chapter 249 release date

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Written by Jae Ho Son in the adventure, fantasy and action genres, the series revolves around Kaiden and Jiwoo. Kaiden is a mysterious person with special abilities hidden in the body of a cat.

Someone with similar abilities injures him in a fight. Cat lover Jiwoo finds Kaiden injured in the street. He’s a talkative, energetic high-schooler, but also very kind.

In this article, we’ll explore key details such as release dates, recaps and spoilers about upcoming chapters.

What’s the Eleceed Chapter 249 release date?

What's the Eleceed Chapter 249 release date?

Get ready to take your free time to enjoy the new chapter in your favorite Eleceed series. As you all know, the previous chapter made everyone happy and tense.

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After reading it, fans started looking for the release date of the new chapter 249, which is scheduled for June 7, 2023.