One Piece Chapter 1079, Their dreams buried on Elbaf Island, The Pirate Kid's miserable fate

One Piece Chapter 1079, Their dreams buried on Elbaf Island, The Pirate Kid’s miserable fate

One Piece Chapter 1079 manga spoilers have been released and reveal many interesting surprises.

In this article, we will discuss the important points in the spoilers of One Piece Chapter 1079 manga.

At the end of this article, we also include information for the next chapter or One Piece Chapter 1080.

One Piece scan 1079 spoilers have been released, and this time they are titled « Yonko! Shanks the Red Pirate ».

One Piece scan 1079 has a cover this time that tells the continuation of Germa 66’s journey. However, this cover is part of their last story.

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One Piece Chapter 1079 shanks vs kidd

In this One Piece 1079 spoiler, we learn that York discovered that the world government had betrayed him.

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So he orders Seraphim to kill everyone except the real Dr. Vegapunk.

Meanwhile, in a nearby part of Egghead Island, a ship bearing Blackbeard’s pirate flag is shown.

The scene then shifts to the island of Elbaf, where a fight between the pirate Shanks and the pirate Kid takes place.

Akagami no Shanks uses techniques like kamusari and manages to defeat Kid.

Meanwhile, the giants Dorry and Brogy destroy Kid’s boat, Kid’s group surrenders and gives a copy of the Poneglyph of the Road.

At the end of the chapter, Kid Pirate’s narrator box is destroyed. The details of this narrator’s box are as follows: « On that day, the Kid Pirates led by Eustass Kid were defeated and their dream of becoming the king of the pirates came to an end.

More information if next week One Piece 1080 will be on hiatus.